World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Rory’s Return at The British Open

On Rory’s Return to Form Yesterday 25-year-old Rory McIlroy secured a historic victory with a two-shot lead at The British Open. This weekend has marked a huge win for McIlroy, seeing him bumped up to World No 2, joining the record books and now on track for the Grand Slam (what a hectic few months he’s had!). Holding the Claret Jug, McIlroy entered the record books alongside Nicklaus and Woods as
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Look Up for Open Space

Okay – so you’ve hit a bad drive and find yourself in the trees trying to find a path to the green. It happens to all of us.  Unfortunately, you aren’t finding much open space in front of you and are facing the possibility of pitching out sideways to the fairway. Sure, it’s a decent option… But it’s essentially the same as taking a penalty stroke.    Before you give
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PGA Championship - Preview Day 1

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Tiger Woods’ Return

On Tiger Woods’ Return to the Game  My eyes were glued to the screen this weekend at the Quickens Loans National, with the anticipated return of Tiger Woods. Since undergoing surgery for a pinched nerve in his back, this marked the player’s first tournament after a 3-month absence. Watching him back in March, you could see the full extent of his pain as he finished the WGV-Cadillac Championship with his worst
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Avoid This Common Par Three Mistake

Something that often frustrates me (and I’m sure you can relate) is when I tee my ball up on an average-length par three, pick the club I know is right for the shot, make a great swing, and watch as the ball flies perfectly on line towards the hole… only to fall way short of the green.’ What happened!? If this often happens to you too, then you’ll understand my frustration.
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Adjusting for an Uphill Approach Shot

I’ll be honest with you – I hate uphill approach shots. With a passion. It used to be that no matter what I did, I couldn’t seem to hit it close on an iron shot to a green that was significantly uphill. Ideally, I’d have just been able to choose a longer club to make up for the elevation change and then hit my usual shot – but it never
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[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Kaymer’s Historic Win at US Open

On Kaymer’s Victory This weekend witnessed history as the US Open was won for the first time by a player from continental Europe. Germany’s Martin Kaymer secured an easy victory, ending the game with an 8 stroke win and a final total of 271 – scoring him the second lowest total in US Open history. AND (as if that wasn’t enough) he became the second player in history to have
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How to Make Short Putts Under Pressure

As an experienced golfer, you’re probably pretty confident on your short putts. But when the pressure’s ramped up your short putting might not be as solid (I know that’s often the case for me). Do you get a little tight when you face a short putt under pressure?  It’s okay to admit it – in fact, being honest with yourself and acknowledging that you are nervous is the first step
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Dreaming of Cracking the 60’s? Here’s How

If breaking 70 is one of your big game goals, you’re already doing very well for yourself. Most golfers never reach the point of even dreaming about a round in the 60’s… So congratulations on making it this far! Of course, resting on your accomplishments is no way to get better. You have to remain focused and dedicated to improving if you’re going to take the next step down into
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