Finding Extra Yards When You Need Them MOST

If there’s one question that I get from UGA members more than any other, it has to be how to gain a few extra yards off the tee… Everyone loves to bomb it! Normally, my answer involves not worrying about hitting it farther, but rather focusing on hitting fairways. The short grass is the key to happiness on the course. And I do believe that. But every once in a
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How to Hit a High and Soft Greenside Bunker Shot

Do you spend more time at the beach than a college kid during spring break? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve been known to find my way into a sand trap on more than a few occasions (as you may know, on one notable occasion I ended up square on my rear end in the sand… but that’s another story) – but I’ve learned how to handle the tricky short
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How to Go Low – I Mean Really Low – In Your Next Round

There are a lot of reasons why we love golf so much, including the fresh air, friendships, scenery, exercise, and more – But, going low is what it’s all about. For all the things you can enjoy on a golf course, nothing tastes quite as sweet as carding a really low round (ok, beating your opponents and impressing your friends doesn’t hurt either!) I’ll admit I don’t do it as
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[INTERVIEW] UGA’s Alex Davidson Talks Bubba Watson’s 2014 Masters Victory and Second Green Jacket Win

PHOTO: Magnolia Lane, the entryway to Augusta National and the 330-yard stretch that players travel from the gate to the clubhouse (Credit: Lisa Peck)     On Mickelson’s Masters Miss After shooting 76 in the first round of the Masters, Mickelson managed to come back with birdies on three out of his final five holes. None of his last-minute efforts were quite enough to save him, though. “Lefty” chalked his
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Lag Putting: Not Sexy, But Crucial

Have you ever noticed that most people on the practice putting green huddle around within a few feet of each hole? Why is that? As a serious golfer, you understand (I hope) the value of lag putting. But, there are plenty of golfers worldwide who never stray from that putting green huddle. But, even us serious golfers can let practicing the lag putts slide. Let’s face it, they’re not the
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3 Easy Steps for Hitting a Controlled Draw

If you’ve been playing for some time then you know it can take a while to learn how to hit a solid draw (I’ll admit it took me a loooong while). Although I’ve got my draw under control now, when I first started out my draw often ended up looking more like a hook… If you’re struggling with your draw, I’ve got three easy steps that’ll help you out. Follow
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Three New Golf Clubs

Buying New Clubs? Trust Your Instincts Over Marketing Hype

There comes a point as your game improves where you start thinking about getting yourself new equipment. And, while buying new clubs can be an exciting process, it’s important to consider your reasons for doing so. I often talk about the “noise” in our industry… And there are really two kinds of marketing noise:   1)   The loudmouth golf “gurus” and trainers promising a quick fix to any problem you’ve
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Three Critical Match Play Tips

One of the most exciting ways to test yourself on the golf course is in a match play tournament. Whether at your home club or through a local golf organization, match play is usually high on drama and pressure. I recently received an email from a UGA reader asking for advice on approaching a match play situation. The most common advice you’ll hear regarding match play is that you shouldn’t
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The Art of the Flop Shot

The title of this post is very much intentional – the flop shot is more art than science. A lot of pros will opt for a flop when they want to control the distance the ball rolls by using trajectory instead of backspin (which means using a very high shot!) You’ll most often need to use the flop shot when you need to lob the ball high up over something,
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