It All Kicked Off Last Night…

Ultimate Golf Advantage have launched the 2014 Online Golf Summit.  (If you haven’t already, you can register here ) Over the next 2 weeks you’ll have free access to a range of training presentations from pro-golfers, coaches and industry-leading presenters. Our panel will be offering real-world insight for all skill levels on topics from the short to the mental game (insight typically reserved for their paying clients!) Free instruction from our
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Alex Davidson Launches New Guide ‘Avoid Golf’s Mental Hazards’

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest guide Avoid Golf’s Mental Hazards: 4 Game-Crippling Mistakes and their Instant Fixes available exclusively from Ultimate Golf Advantage.   Written by Alex Davidson, this free guide is for serious golfers looking to improve their game. Providing expert tips and advice, it tackles the 4 main mistakes most golfers don’t even realise they’re making. As UGA members will know, Alex often shares his own
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Playing Great When the Going Gets Slow

It’s hard to have a bad day on the golf course. Even if you’re not playing great, I’m sure you’ll agree that any time spent on the course is enjoyable. With one exception… When the round takes forever.  Now, I often slow down to enjoy the game and analyse my shots (I’ve even been making an effort to walk the course more often, instead of using the cart!) BUT, when
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Photo courtesy of Philip Wilson https://www.flickr.com/photos/internetsense/

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Rory McIlroy’s Dramatic Season

Photo Credit: Philip Wilson   On Victory at Valhalla  This weekend witnessed Rory McIlroy consolidating his recent World No 1 status with a dramatic finale at Valhalla. Battling back from his poor start, McIlroy’s victory was by no means secure and at times even seemed doubtful. Watching Rory play the 18th hole in near pitch-black was one of the most dramatic golfing scenes of the year. With the light quickly
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Golf Scorecard

Lower Your Handicap in 3 Steps

No matter what your handicap is, you’ll want to lower it. If you’re a ten, you’ll want to get down to five, and a five down to a one or two. (Part of the reason Golf is such a great sport is that you can continually strive to get better!) In an effort to help UGA members reach their scoring goals, I’ve laid out a three-step plan to quickly move
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Golf Club and Ball

Improve Your Chances of Chipping It In

Chipping-in is my favorite surprise on the golf course. While you don’t usually expect a chip to go in – when it does – it can quickly give your round a boost. You may never get to a point where you’re chipping-in consistently, but, there’s a few things you can do to improve your chances.   #1 Pick the Right Time Some chip shots are more likely to be made
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World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship - Final Round

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Rory’s Return at The British Open

On Rory’s Return to Form Yesterday 25-year-old Rory McIlroy secured a historic victory with a two-shot lead at The British Open. This weekend has marked a huge win for McIlroy, seeing him bumped up to World No 2, joining the record books and now on track for the Grand Slam (what a hectic few months he’s had!). Holding the Claret Jug, McIlroy entered the record books alongside Nicklaus and Woods as
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Look Up for Open Space

Okay – so you’ve hit a bad drive and find yourself in the trees trying to find a path to the green. It happens to all of us.  Unfortunately, you aren’t finding much open space in front of you and are facing the possibility of pitching out sideways to the fairway. Sure, it’s a decent option… But it’s essentially the same as taking a penalty stroke.    Before you give
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PGA Championship - Preview Day 1

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Tiger Woods’ Return

On Tiger Woods’ Return to the Game  My eyes were glued to the screen this weekend at the Quickens Loans National, with the anticipated return of Tiger Woods. Since undergoing surgery for a pinched nerve in his back, this marked the player’s first tournament after a 3-month absence. Watching him back in March, you could see the full extent of his pain as he finished the WGV-Cadillac Championship with his worst
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