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The Best Putting Drill for Speed Control

Practicing your putting speed control may not be the most exciting thing to do… But it’s crucial to your success on the course. Managing your putting speed (for various lengths) will improve your game. If you want to be a good golfer – then speed control is your friend. To work on your speed control - follow this 6 Step Drill that you can perform each time you head to the
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Enjoying a bit of leisurely exercise

An Important Game Area You May Be Overlooking

One important area of golf that people often overlook (of which I’ll admit I’m also guilty) is keeping fit.  I’ll wager if you’ve been playing long enough you’ll have heard your fair share of ‘you don’t need to exercise to play golf’ – pffffft. For anyone who’s played a single round, you’ll know that definitely isn’t true. Whether you’re swinging your club or simply walking to the next tee… it
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Entrance to Gleneagles Hotel at sunrise.

Biggest Lesson from the Ryder Cup

As I mentioned in my interview on the Ryder Cup, ‘you forget how much talent is in one continent’. While Europe certainly had a lead with four of the top five golfers in the world, the US still boasted notable names such as Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson (I could go on)… Yet the odds against the US were put as unfavourable from the start; playing on foreign soil, the World
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World Hickory Golf Championship

World Hickory Open Championship

Photo Credit: St Andrews Golf Company   This week the annual World Hickory Open Championship is being held in Carnoustie County, Scotland. The 10th annual tournament, players from around the world will be travelling north to take part in a form of golf that pre-dates 1935. Doning the traditional plus 4s and taking up their hickory shafted golf clubs, this tournament has become about more than just the game. To give
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[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks the Ryder Cup 2014

Photo: Gleneagles, Scotland where the Ryder Cup 2014 was held   On Europe’s Victory The tournament most of the golfing world has been waiting for this summer; the Ryder Cup, kicked off last Friday at Gleneagles, Scotland. Pitting America’s and Europe’s greats, head to head – it was the perfect climax to the summer. While I’d set my hopes for a European win from the start, nothing was guaranteed. Seeing names
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UGA Online Golf Summit

Did you miss out?

UGA’s Online Golf Summit 2014 came to an end last Thursday with a spectacular final session from Sport Psychologist Lee Crombleholme. Over 2 weeks, our panel of experts took part in a series of world-class seminars providing tips and insight to help golfers improve their game. (Couldn’t make it? Register now to keep up-to-date with post-summit releases) We’ve received great feedback from our members and have had the pleasure of
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It All Kicked Off Last Night…

Ultimate Golf Advantage have launched the 2014 Online Golf Summit.  (If you haven’t already, you can register here ) Over the next 2 weeks you’ll have free access to a range of training presentations from pro-golfers, coaches and industry-leading presenters. Our panel will be offering real-world insight for all skill levels on topics from the short to the mental game (insight typically reserved for their paying clients!) Free instruction from our
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Alex Davidson Launches New Guide ‘Avoid Golf’s Mental Hazards’

We’re excited to announce the launch of our latest guide Avoid Golf’s Mental Hazards: 4 Game-Crippling Mistakes and their Instant Fixes available exclusively from Ultimate Golf Advantage.   Written by Alex Davidson, this free guide is for serious golfers looking to improve their game. Providing expert tips and advice, it tackles the 4 main mistakes most golfers don’t even realise they’re making. As UGA members will know, Alex often shares his own
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Playing Great When the Going Gets Slow

It’s hard to have a bad day on the golf course. Even if you’re not playing great, I’m sure you’ll agree that any time spent on the course is enjoyable. With one exception… When the round takes forever.  Now, I often slow down to enjoy the game and analyse my shots (I’ve even been making an effort to walk the course more often, instead of using the cart!) BUT, when
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Photo courtesy of Philip Wilson

[INTERVIEW] Alex Davidson Talks Rory McIlroy’s Dramatic Season

Photo Credit: Philip Wilson   On Victory at Valhalla  This weekend witnessed Rory McIlroy consolidating his recent World No 1 status with a dramatic finale at Valhalla. Battling back from his poor start, McIlroy’s victory was by no means secure and at times even seemed doubtful. Watching Rory play the 18th hole in near pitch-black was one of the most dramatic golfing scenes of the year. With the light quickly
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