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Limited ‘ONE TIME ONLY‘ Special Offer

Private 1 on 1 ‘Coaching with Lee’

(available for a small number of exclusive clients only)
Want to achieve MAXIMUM success? Benefit from the same PLATINUM LEVEL telephone coaching that my high paying clients enjoy –  at a fraction of the cost!

Together we will -

1. Identify ‘trouble-spots’ in your game that could be holding you back AND create tailored exercises to eliminate them.

2. Pinpoint and harness your strongest ‘Power Zones’ where you’ve got decent mental form (that you might not even know about!) and harness these for use across ALL areas

3. Design a plan together to hole more puts, shoot straighter drives and correctly target those chips to drop your score as quickly as possible!

4. Determine a mid and long system to target your dream handicap that also sets you up for consistently lower scores

5. Eliminate the mental interference that can be the cause physical twitches such as the Yips or Shanks and can be devastating to your game IF not addressed correctly


Mental coaching for high performance works – period. I would definitely recommend every serious golfer try it at least once.
Alex Davidson



Try 3 x 60 minute 1 on 1 Private Coaching sessions (Lee’s usual platinum ‘trial‘ rate is 3 x $199 = total $597)

Available TODAY ONLY at the special rate of just $297!

Save $300 with this MASSIVE one time discount of over 50%

BONUS: Plus get direct access to Lee’s personal email address between sessions (never be with out the help and support you need!).

Starting as soon as you’re ready you get….

3x 60 minute scheduled private 1-on-1 coaching calls with Lee to maximise my ability and drive my game forward. These calls will be used to remove blockages in my game, boost my consistency and ensure I get the very best from using my mind to lower my score.

The calls will be recorded for my own personal and private use and emailed to me for life long reference.

Exclusive & direct access to Lees’ personal email address for ad-hoc questions between the sessions.

YES Lee! I am ready to take my golf to the next level with maximum speed. Please accept my registration below and contact me promptly to arrange my first private call!


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